Leasing & Sales

In-barn leasing: Longview offers ½ leases for those riders just starting out on ponies and horses owned by Longview.  A somewhat unusual offering, the ½ lease provides an uncomplicated way to start out towards riding, owning and showing.  Lessors pay for ½ of the monthly expenses and experience a bond with the horse through consistent riding and care.  Depending on availabilities, we also may have opportunities for full leasing and showing on our Longview-owned ponies and horses.

“Lisa + Cyd aren’t just focused on the fanciest horses – they find the right horse at a reasonable price – maximizing our budget and increasing our likelihood of success.” – J. Park

Matching horse + rider

We feel that suitability and chemistry is paramount when mounting our riders.  Lisa + Cyd have relationships with trainers and sale barns both state-side and abroad, personally helping to choose your perfect partner.  We see many horses on our buying trips, seeking a match that will be safe and successful for both horse and rider. 

“Juliette and Rosie are just the best fit – she’s learned so much.  I trust Cyd & Lisa to find something appropriate – including on-budget -- they found her what’s appropriate now, but will also get to the next challenge.  I’ve seen that happen over and over with the other girls too.” – Gwyn T.