Board & Training

Longview is family-focused, providing meaningful connections that go beyond the riding arena, with a range of service offerings that are tailor-made to your aspirations and requirements.  We have lessons and in-barn leasing for those just starting out, full board and training for your own horse, as well as the contacts and services necessary to find you a horse that fits with your style and budget.

Our training philosophy: dressage-disciplined flatwork as well as show-ring-level training over fences.  We “save” the big jumps and see greater results from technical flatwork.

“Every experience I’ve had in my life is not about me, its about what I can give to this little girl.” – Lisa Durbrow

Full Board & Training

Longview creates an integrated program for horse and rider – paid for neatly in one monthly bill.  The package includes professional training rides as well as lessons and is flexible to address changing requirements.  Lisa and/or Cyd personally ride every horse, every week and design a specific feeding and care routine.  The pair also oversee the staff and professional providers who handle your horse and insure he is safe, happy, and healthy.