Lisa Durbrow, Trainer

A successful trainer and rider from the mid-west, Lisa brings years of experience to the partnership. Lisa comes from a long and successful career as a trainer and competitor in the Hunter rings as well as 3-day eventing throughout the Mid-West and East. “I could ride anything.  I’m not brave, I can just follow directions the horse gives me.  It’s a conversation.” She had the good fortune of riding some outstanding horses along the way and receiving training from industry legends like William Steinkraus, Robert Ridland, Lynn Lloyd, Karen Healey, Archie Cox, Hilda Gurney, and Julie Winkel. 

Training and Riding duties are shared with business partner and daughter, Cyd Shald – though each of them have a specific expertise.  Their working relationship has grown into one of equals, both involved in the key aspects of the business.  The team spent 5 years growing the program at San Domenico Riding School, including a national-level IEA team.  It was earlier in 2014 when Mother and Daughter left that legacy and started Longview Stables in Nicasio.

When asked what she is most proud of in her career, “that Cyd and I have a great relationship and can work together to empower these young girls.”

Cyd Shald, Trainer

Having a mother as a trainer, Cyd grew up at a barn, close to her mother’s business and clients. The family-like community provided Cyd with a solid foundation in and out of the ring – and some outstanding ponies to show.  She began as a pony hunter, participated in Pony Club and crossed over to Eventing. Cyd finished her junior career ranked #3 in the nation (#1 in California) among Young Riders Prelim in Eventing.  Her approach is to teach form and function as the tenet in the sport. 

Cyd is the primary show competitor for the barn, from bringing horses into their first Hunter Derby to simply getting ponies around on warm-up day.  While both Cyd and Lisa ride all of the horses and teach every person, Cyd prides herself in guiding “The Littles.” Young riders are started under her watchful eye – be it their first pony or the first pony ride.  What truly sets her apart, though, is what happens outside the ring: the special connection the children have with her; the trust the parents place with her; and the large role she plays in their family.  She serves as friend, mentor, and most of all, example of grace – with just the right amount of discipline.

“I enjoy the details and value the precision and art of executing properly.  That increases the horse’s trust, creates a greater bond, and makes for an even greater experience for the rider.”