Longview’s staff works with Cyd + Lisa every day to fulfill their vision: creating bonds that touch riders and their familes through appreciation of the sport, the beautiful horses, and each other.  Together, they make for a safe and encouraging environment in which to learn.

Debbi Sereni.jpg

Debbi Sereni: Freelance instructor

Joining Lisa + Cyd on the ground this year, Debbi brings years of experience, steeped with successes.  Her straight-forward, disciplined approach fits right in at Longview, providing a clinic-quality experience in a lesson setting.  While providing perspective that lines up with the rest of the program, Debbi can step in for Cyd or Lisa in any lesson with show-ring expertise and traditional sensibilities.


The Longview vision extends to its groom team – horse professionals with years of experience who pride themselves on the care of the horses and the maintenance of the program.  They take pride in doing whatever necessary to keep the barn at its best, paying special attention to the horses’ feed, exercise and well-being.  It is the same team at home as it is on the road to show, insuring continuity and a watchful eye.